Voyage - 포어시스

Thalassophile(n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean.

Co-existence or No-existence

Foresys values coexistence. The development of technology has not only brought benefits
to our lives but also negative disadvantages to the environment we co-exist. Our negligence to nature results in making
it strive for its own survival and destructions to the habitats of local species. We must not forget to co-exist in a harmony,
or nothing will exist in the end. People who love the ocean came together under one purpose. Keeping our ocean beautiful.

This is one small step for us, one worthy treat for the ocean.

  • 2017.01.01.Incorporation of Foresys Co., LTD.
  • 2017.01.17.Establishment of R&D Center
  • 2017.05.26.Awarded National Government R&D Project (R&D 기획 지원 사업)
  • 2017.06.17.Relocation of Main Office to the Seogyo-dong, Seoul
  • 2017.06.22.Awarded National Government R&D Project (창업선도 대학 지원 사업)
  • 2017.08.16.Application of Patents (#10-2017-0103622 and #10-2017-0103625)
  • 2017.12.19.Obtained Venture Business Accreditation