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KoreaTechDesk – Jonghwa Won of startup ‘Foresys’ on his passion for keeping the ocean clean and beautiful

Korean startup Foresys Co., Ltd. is eager to keep the oceans clean and safe with their innovative engineering skills and know-how. The company has been developing a floating barrier system that captures floating debris and remove them from the ocean. Not only developing such system, Foresys offers various engineering services as well in Civil, Offshore & […]


KoreaTechDesk – Korean startup Foresys taking care of the Ocean through engineering and environment projects

Ocean is a complex space for structuring and engineering works as it requires a deep understanding of multi-physics including fluid, structure, and seabed foundation. Foresys Co., Ltd. is the Korean startup that is bringing innovation to a broad range of engineering services for ocean structuring and is also contributing to sustainability through its renewable energy projects. The […]


한국경제매거진 잡앤조이 – 해양 환경 밸류 체인 만들 것

  “한국의 특성과 해양 구조물 제조·엔지니어링 강점을 바탕으로 새로운 시장을 개척하고, 궁극적으로는 새로운 밸류 체인을 만들어 가고 싶어요.”   기사 보기