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The ocean is a tremendously complex space where requires comprehensive interpretation and understanding of multi-physics including fluid, structure, and seabed foundation. Foresys provides the uppermost level of engineering services with our expertise in Fluid-Structure-Soil Interaction.

Offshore Structure

Offshore structures, which can be subdivided into two categories, floating and fixed structures, encounters various environmental loads and the structures should, therefore, be able to resist the expected, or estimated, environmental loading conditions at the sites. For stable and immaculate operations, an in-depth and systematic analysis of the environmental loads is essential. Foresys evaluates the expected environmental loads in accordance with key design criteria to ensure the feasibility and reliability of the structures. In addition, we provide engineering consulting services on demand to achieve the desired functions of the structures through various numerical analysis.

Particularly, the offshore floating structures, unlike the fixed ones, should be stable floating to perform its intended functions. Accordingly, analysis of stability, global performance, and station keeping shall be done prior to the final design stage. Our engineering services of floating offshore structures from fundamental design to optimization will satisfy the needs of clients.

On/offshore Pipeline

Offshore pipelines are linkages from the well to process facilities, or from the processing facility to the site, to transport crude or refined oils. Hence, the design and layout of the pipelines shall consider all possible environmental factors to achieve its performance over the design life..

Foresys evaluates all design criteria for offshore pipelines in accordance with API or DNV standards to provide reliable solutions, and with our in-house calculation software and wide experience in subsea pipelines, we do our best consulting to satisfy our clients

In addition to offshore pipelines, we offer a total solution for onshore and urban pipelines

  • Wall thickness Calculation (API RP –1111, DNV-OS-F101)
  • On bottom stability (DNV-RP-F109, DNV-RP-E305)
  • Free span analysis (DNV-RP-F105)
  • Thermal Expansion analysis
  • Cathodic Protection Design (DNV-RP-F103, DNV-RP-B401)
  • Pipeline Installation Design (DNV-OS-F101)
  • Pipeline Shore Approach Design
  • Pipeline Route Selection

3D Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis for Pipeline-Soil Interaction

Spudcan Foundation & Anchor

Spudcan foundation and anchor system are widely employed to secure stability and positions of jack-up rigs and other offshore installation vessels. Performances of these structures are dependent on their own weights, bearing capacity, resistance produced by seabed interaction.
Soil behaviors and deformation when interacting with structures cannot be straightforwardly estimated without a firm knowledge and experience. The investigation into the seabed foundation shall be performed through valid numerical analysis, combined with regulations and standards.

Foresys is the only company in Korea possessing proven engineering competence in this field and has participated in various industrial and research projects globally with a full range of competent technologies and experience ranging from subsea foundation survey, analysis, design and numerical simulations. We have recently provided spudcan engineering services to Maersk Drilling (Invincible), one of the largest companies in the industry, and Statoil Petroleum AS (Askeladden Jack-up Rig).


Maersk Drilling’s Invincible at DSME yard


Spudcan Resistance


LDFE Simulation of Spudcan Penetration


Suction Anchor (InterMoor)


LDFE Simulation of Suction
Anchor Installation
(von Mises Stress)


LDFE Simulation of Suction
Anchor Installation
(Soil Flow)


  • Investigation on Stability in Extreme Weather Conditions and Spudcan Extraction of Maersk Drilling XLE-4 Jack-up Rig, DSME (2016)
  • Engineering Evaluation on Spudcan Foundation Stability of Statoil Cat J CJ70 Jack-up Rig, SHI (2016)
  • Development Project of Large Steel Cylinder Pipe Construction Method for Bridge Foundation, Advisory committee, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2016)