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& Construction

A deep understanding of soil behavior, when interacting with the structures, and the numerical analysis of Soil-Structure (Foundation, pipeline, anchor and etc.) Interaction are required to secure the stability and serviceability of the offshore and subsea structures. Through extensive research and years of industrial experiences in Soil-Structure Interaction, which is still unclearly defined within the industry, Foresys is specialized in performing numerical analysis, providing optimized and innovative solutions for the client’s needs.

Offshore Structure

  • Wall thickness Calculation (API RP – 1111, DNV-OS-F101)
  • On bottom stability (DNV-RP-F109, DNV-RP-E305)
  • Free span analysis (DNV-RP-F105)
  • Thermal Expansion analysis
  • Cathodic Protection Design (DNV-RP-F103, DNV-RP-B401)
  • Pipeline Installation Design (DNV-OS-F101)
  • Pipeline Shore Approach Design
  • Pipeline Route Selection

Mooring Anchors

  • Suction Anchor
  • Drag Anchor
  • Plate Anchor
  • Chain Configuration

Offshore Structure

  • Pile Foundation (Jetty, Jacket etc.)
  • Bucket Foundation (Wind farm etc.)