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Waves are inspiring not because they rise and fall, but because each time they fall they never fail to rise again.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


The ocean is suffering from various toxic substances and pollutants flowing into the seas every day, every moment. However, we have been shutting our eyes to this problem for a long time because the wastes don’t seem to cause immediate damage to the human being.

These toxic substances, including ocean debris, are spreading rapidly and at the same time destroying the ecosystem silently and gradually. If this continues, no doubt that human being will be the ultimate victim. An action must be undertaken.

Being aware of the severity of the ocean wastes, some advanced countries, the G20, and organizations such as Greenpeace and world economic forum are now taking appropriate actions to solve the issue step by step.

Engineers from different disciplines are gathered at Foresys to participate in solving the issue through innovative

solutions, and we have taken our first step to making our ocean beautiful and safer.

Spar-type Ocean debris barrier has been in the development to
prevent the spread of land-based ocean debris and separate them out of the ocean. Debris flowing to a broad range of areas
by the current will be collected with the aids of our floating barrier devices and then be removed from the ocean.

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01Avoiding the conventional collecting methods, which usually take a lot of time, manpower,
and costs, our floating barrier is eco-friendly; natural collection by the currents, and power system by
renewable energy from waves and solar. By analyzing the environmental conditions and the flows of the debris,
the minimum number of devices will be deployed in the right places to completely block the land-based ocean
debris during the typhoon and rainy seasons.

02By utilizing design techniques applied to offshore plant structures, durability and stability
are secured. The floating barrier is designed to be a module-type for expandability and simplicity.

03In order to minimize the impact on marine ecosystems and sea routes, the floating barrier is
aimed at easy installation and removal. This resolves the issues such as sea route obstruction of the existing
products that are installed at the site permanently. For domestic use, the structure can only be deployed
when required during the rainy season because land-based ocean debris are concentrated between July and
September due to the characteristics of rainy season and typhoon.

04For constant and steady monitoring of the device stability, monitoring system, which is self-powered
by harnessing energy from wave and solar, is equipped with the device. This will enable 24/7 monitoring
without physically visiting the site.

Floating BARRIER for Marine DEBRIS

Foresys is focusing on Research and Development to seek innovative ways for protection of marine environment.
We will be developing various types of floating barrier that can be applied regardless the sea states to protect the ocean.

Platform Module

A. SPAR Type Platform

  • Permanent(Semi) Structure
  • Water Depth Independent
  • Robust Design (Harsh Environment)

B. Mooring Line

  • Optimized Configuration
  • Water Depth Independent
  • Robust Design (Harsh Environment)

c. Monitoring System

  • Floating Debris Detect System
  • Auto Alarm System

D. Power Supply Module

  • Application of Renewable Energy (Wave)

A. Barrier supporting stand

  • Cylindrical Design for Improved Heave Motion
  • Supporting Barrier Weight

B. Barrier Net

  • Robust Design (Harsh Environment)
  • Multi-material (Steel wire + synthetic rope)

Our floating barrier can be alternatively used for other purposes. This may not only enhance coastal utilization,
but also replace existing facilities that are known to cause environmental pollutions. Foresys aims to further develop oil
and chemical containment barrier to enter the global market.

MEGA Floating
net Fish farm
& SEAWEED barrier
Marine accident
& safety barrier