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We rise by lifting others. – Robert G. Ingersoll.

We seek the Extraordinary
in the Common.

The ocean we dream of is always blue and beautiful.

For the sustainable and clean ocean, we must commune with it, share it with people,
and most importantly be humble. We offer wide ranging career opportunities for anyone
who is enthusiastic to keep the ocean blue and beautiful.

* Please send your resume and engineering/business portfolio to

* Our company is always accepting applications. The applications we receive will only be used for recruitment purpose and be terminated after 6 months for privacy.

* If a specific position required, it will be advertised separately

Infinite reasons to join Foresys

01. You will physically see the final products of what you research, develop, and design

02. You will be a member of high performing engineering team with diversity and inclusion.

03. You will experience the imaginative approaches no one ever tried.

04. You will enjoy pleasant work environments and horizontal relationship at work.

05. There will be active supports if you go on to study at a higher degree.

06. You will love flexible working hours and discount on airlines and travel agency.

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